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Occultonomy exists to inform you about all the important things in the Universe. Listen carefully.


released October 11, 2013

Jammin' Jon Anderson - Drums, Vox
Dr. Nathalie - Guitars, Vox

Recorded by Gary Whelpdale at the Witching Well in Bloomington, IN



all rights reserved


Reality Is A Cult Galesburg, Illinois

Music for/by freaks and weirdos. Based in Galesburg, IL.

All music is also FREELY downloadable at www.realityisacult.com - if you would LIKE to pay for the download you can do so through here.

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Track Name: This isn't so much a story as it is a statement of facts
The government is trying to read my mind, so I'm paranoid all the time. They are scared of all the things I know, so they are fucking after me.
Track Name: nuqDaq 'oH puchpa''e'?
I just want to hang with an alien race. They can teach me about warp drive and I can teach them how to skate. I wanna grab my board and I wanna come aboard, because I just want wanna skate on another planet.

I wanna shred the face on Mars, and grind the ice skarps of Europa. Boardslide lava tubes on Venus and carve the craters of Mercury

I just wanna skate with an alien race, because I just wanna thrash some place in outer space.
Track Name: I'm pretty sure it's just hardcore
The core of the Earth is iron and nickel, and it generate the magnetic field. The core of the Sun is fusing hydrogen; protons collide to form helium.

What's in the core?
Track Name: I'd rather be doing science
I may be a nerd but I can play really fast. I just get good grades and am good at math. Sometimes I'm paid by the government, because I'm a fucking scientist.

Science is rad, science is cool, science is better than everything you do.
I love learning shit, I love knowing it; I love being a fucking scientist.
Track Name: 0110010101111000011100000110110001101111011100100110000101110100011010010110111101101110 / I donated all my ectoplasm.

Cold foggy night in the UK
strange lights in the sky move in strange ways.
Calls phoned in to a Army base
send out some men to investigate.
Triangular crafts and a scorched landing site;
what went down on that December night?
In Rendelsham Forest in the eerie calm..
They are here, they are us, I've known all along.


I donated all my ectoplasm:

Our beloved Carl Sagan, we bring you gifts from this life into death.
So speak through us Carl Sagan, and show people that this is bullshit.

All hail Carl Sagan.
Track Name: Sasquatch the State
I hope bigfoot is real so I can hang out with her and we can kill hunters together.
I hope bigfoot is real so I can hang out with her and we can smash the state together.

Bigfoot is real and she hates the government.
Bigfoot wants to be free. So come smash the state with me.
Track Name: The revolution already happened buy everyone was busy looking at their phones, so it failed.
The revolution already happened, but you were on facebook so it failed.

You could have made the world a better place, but you were busy checking your facebook. So now the world sucks and it's all your fault, because you were all busy checking your facebooks.

The world really sucks and it's your fault.
Track Name: I highly recommend buying a booklight
Read more books because reading rules.
It makes you smart it makes you cool

Read more books because reading is cool
It teaches you to subvert the rules

History, fiction, biography
sci-fi, mystery, philosophy
give me a book and I will read
fuck with my books you're gonna bleed

Books on physics, books on ghosts,
books on chemistry and UFOs,
books are all I ever need.
Books are better than beer or weed.

We think books are cool and we're better than you.